Wednesday, August 10, 2005


These are the first steps in my elaboration of the Unified Theory of Time Travel (U3T). It will include all the different theories of time travel I came across and some I thought of myself (I will try to point out the source of the theories. Usually it will be Sci-Fi books or some scientific theories)

I will try to break up the theory into different levels. Each level will propose the several possible answers to a certain question or possibility. For example: the first level deals with the possibility of time travel. Therefore, branch one will deal with the fact if time travel exist or not. So we will have two branches.


Fouad said...

so what are you waiting for?? time flies you know ;)

Ed Jason said...

Interesting but why not do it for real? We are.

Kio said...

now that would be interesting to read.

geraldo said...

Hi Bob,
greetings from Brazil!
I think that exits the possibility of Time travel. I do not know "how" but it is possible. Go ahead.
With my best wishes:
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Gatto999 said...

Teel us whe you are ready ...
Ciao from Italy